Jim Blasinggame shared some of his wisdom about what he refers to as the “age of the consumer” on MSNBC’s Your Business. Here he discusses how the internet has changed the game when it comes to businesses connecting with consumers. Before it was a company’s merits on competitive advantage that set it apart, but as Jim alludes to, those competitive advantages only carry you so far in today’s marketplace if you (1) can’t be found online and (2) don’t look like a reputable and trustworthy company online because your consumer will never get to the point where they come to you and find out why your company is better than the competition. Having a quality looking and easy to use website is key in the age of the customer.

The other important topic Jim touches on is your ongoing and follow up marketing.  Just because you jumped the initial hurdle of getting that consumer in the door for the first time doesn’t mean you’ve snagged yourself a returning customer, especially in today’s packed market. Encouraging customers to follow you on Social Media outlets like Facebook and Twitter so you can stay connected, sending out Email Blasts to remind them you’re there and texting them offers periodically to incentivize a return visit are just some of the great ways to keep in touch with your consumer base and increase that repeat business so it’s not going to your competitors.