Actually you all probably already knew that. The real update is because of this stupid thing, we here at Three Ring Focus have decided to close our office and work remotely until further notice. We’re not scientist or CDC experts but honestly, we’ll use just about any excuse to not be around Luke our Social Media guy. He’s the worst.

So what does this mean for you our wonderful clients? Not a whole lot. Fortunately for us we can do our jobs from pretty much anywhere in the world with an internet connection so you can rest assured that your project(s) are being handled as if we never left. However, if you were looking for some of that sweet face to face time with this group of eye-candy nerds you’re SOL.

We sincerely wish everyone the best during these trying times. We’re all in this together and if we can all just be a little smarter we can hopefully get this crisis under control.

Please Please Please lets all do what we can to SHOP LOCAL! There are so many wonderful businesses in our community that will need your support during these times.

PS. Remember to not judge any of us this coming swimsuit season. We’re all about to put on that work-from-home-15…

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