Who doesn’t love pictures? Whether you are a selfie king or queen, a party animal, nature fanatic, photographer, celebrity stalker or you’re obsessed with taking pictures of your pet, Instagram gives you the opportunity to express yourself. But how can it help your business?

Now I’m not saying every business needs Instagram or that it will be the game-changing marketing decision that sets your business down the road to success; It may be, but in reality it’s more likely to be a fun way to build your brand by personalizing your business to current and potential clients.

If you scrolled down an Instagram feed right now I’m sure 90 percent of the pictures you see are selfies. It’s not a Mecca for business resources, and it probably never will be. But what if you did spot some cool new product or business idea or inside look at your favorite company as you scrolled down your account? Scroll… (cute girl) like. Scroll… (someone’s dinner) skip over. Scroll… (cute puppy) like. Scroll…(crazy cool car) like. Scroll… (bad ass web design) Whaaaaat?!?!?! Of course that’s a like!!!

It’s a free resource/outlet for you to get your brand out there to the masses, keep your business in people’s mind and have some fun! Most clients and potential clients only have a small window to see into your business so use this as a way to express yourself as a company. Take some behind the scenes photos, have some fun and don’t forget to sprinkle in some pictures of awesome products or jobs that you have done. Customers will feel closer to you as a company and you’ll be building brand loyalty without even knowing it.

As I said, it probably won’t make or break your company but why not take advantage of one of the most viewed apps in the world? None of us are photogenic but that hasn’t stopped us here at Three Ring Focus. We’ve got our Instagram up and running so you’ll probably see some awesome screen shots of our newest web designs, a few cute pictures of Bufflin the office watch dog and we’ll try to sneak in some hilarious selfies for your enjoyment. You’re welcome. Now, go “follow” us on Instagram@threeringfocus.