We’ve been asked a few times why we do our goofy Christmas cards each year and how it even started. Well, just like our company itself it started as a crazy idea between a small group of us and has now grown tremendously over the years!

Just like Santa’s elves have a love for Christmas ingrained in them we at Three Ring Focus seem to have being different ingrained in us. We like fun, we like creative, we like goofy and stupid and if anyone around here starts taking themselves too seriously then we make sure we bring them back down to earth by dressing them up in an ugly Christmas sweater, or as a Christmas movie character, a drunk reindeer or maybe as an elf excited for Christmas Day.

Work ends up taking up about a 1/3 of your life and when we started Three Ring Focus we made a conscious decision not to hate our jobs. There is no rule that says doing business can’t be enjoyable and we do our best to keep things light around here. We like putting a smile on all your faces and we hope some of our goofiness rubs off on those of you who need it. We’ll keep coming up with better holiday cards each year even if we have to take the photo from space to get all our employees in it! Somebody has to keep singing to grow those hearts around here, might as well be us!

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

– Three Ring Focus

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