Hey business owners, guess what? There is more to Facebook than funny cat pictures, annoying political or religious posts and questioning why you’re friends with that weird guy you went to high school with. Facebook is an important part of your business marketing.Now you may be saying to yourself “My business is boring and dirty, nobody wants to Like our page and follow what we do everyday!” Yes, while that may even be 100% true Facebook still holds an important purpose for potential clients: Research! An informed consumer does their research before they hire or choose a company to work with and Facebook is now one of the biggest tools to obtain that information. Even If they aren’t looking on Facebook intentionally, simply due to Facebooks size, a business’s Facebook page will rank high on Google searches. So when a potential customer comes across your company’s page and sees that you only have 2 pictures and haven’t updated you status in 8 months what would lead them to believe you’re still even in existence?

Let’s for example take a business that isn’t the most popular to follow on Facebook, like your local plumber. Who wants to follow a plumber’s daily job? Not this guy. However, when I have a leak in my bathroom and I go online and notice there are 20 different plumbers to choose from, well then I start to go to multiple sources and find our who would be the best to call.  Plumber A’s Facebook page doesn’t even have a new cover photo, they have 2 likes & the only status update says “Hey we’re on Facebook now!” which was posted 11 months ago. Plumber B’s page looks nice, they have some before and after photos of new bathroom installs or maybe some interesting pictures of what a worn out water heater looks like, a few of their clients left some positive feedback for helping them out in a bind and twice a week they update their status with something simple like a funny plumber picture or a good do-it-yourself tip. Now which plumber is going to get my business?

Spending 15 minutes a week keeping your business social can pay huge dividends!