In a world where attention spans are fleeting, it can be hard to stand out online, especially if you’re working in a quote-unquote “boring” industry. Sometimes your business isn’t as flashy as a clothing company, or as pretty as a floral shop. However, that doesn’t mean that your company can’t benefit from a little TLC online. Don’t worry, every business can benefit from the right strategies to stand out on social media, no matter your product.

Sometimes trends and outfits of the day aren’t always appropriate for every brand. Still, there are plenty of creative ways to get your “boring” industry out there and make a statement online. From educational content to showing the people behind the corporate mask, it’s not about what you’re selling, but how you’re selling it.

Stand Out On Social Media In A ‘Boring’ Industry

What does it mean to be “boring”? We’re not saying that your product sucks, or that your company doesn’t serve a purpose. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Most of the time, the most unattractive industries are the most necessary. It’s hard to make hiring a lawyer or installing an HVAC unit as flashy and beautiful as selling a pair of earrings or designer shoes. But then again, hiring a lawyer can be much more important than whatever fashion trend is happening this week.

There are a few ways, however, to make sure your business at least stands out from your competition. Thankfully, Google and other search engines do a great job of getting your name out there (with the right keywords, of course). The hard part is getting out to potential customers directly. 

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a quick three ways these “boring” industries on people’s minds on social media:

  1. Get Creative with Education
  2. Develop a Strong Brand Face and Voice
  3. Showing Beats Telling

Educate Your Audience

Educating your audience on a topic that may be hard to comprehend is a great way to get started. Blend education with entertainment to create content that is both informative and enjoyable. Memes – yes memes, infographics, or short videos are a great way to start. 

Teaching potential clients about what you do and why it’s important can be a huge step forward. While teenagers may not be thinking about doing their taxes or buying a new home, teaching them about the process in an environment they are used to is a great way to grow online.

Carousel posts, short video content, and educational imagery are always great ideas for content. Even consider keeping a list of FAQs you get from current clients to add to your list. Not everything is about promoting sales.

Brand Aesthetic and Face

Every company should have a unique brand, but what exactly does that have to do with social media? Well, people love a good look. This means keeping your content consistent, on theme, and compatible with your company’s values and affiliations. 

Focus on the “why” for your business and run with it. What makes you different? Are you cleaner? Local? More affordable? 

What most companies do wrong is focus on their product. However, from experience, we’ve noticed here at Three Ring Focus, that the face behind the product is what people are interested in. Customers love to know the people behind the business – humanizing your content. 

Create a day in the life of your worker, post employees of the month, introduce new team members, celebrate birthdays or birth announcements – people love people! Plus, you never run out of content.

Show What You’ve Got

A lot of times, industries such as lawyers or dentist offices promote making an appointment or selling their “why”. While that is important, it’s more important to show what you’ve got. This could be photos of your office, instructional videos on your business practices, or examples of issues that can arise. Show people how you deal with these issues and post!

Don’t have enough to make a real post out of it? Instagram and Facebook Stories are a great way to show fleeting moments or timely tips that may not be relevant enough for your feed.

Bonus: Content, Content, Content!

You’ve heard the phrase “consistency is key”. While that might be the case for some industries, it’s not the overall mantra for social media. If you’re an influencer, yes, posting every day can be crucial for people actively keeping up with your life or product. However, for more “boring” industries, posting three to four times a week is almost more than enough.

Having content to post is really what it comes down to. If you’re not actively taking photos, making notes of events, or keeping up with what’s going on around the office, your content can become limited. The worst thing you can be on social media is repetitive. 

Because of this – make sure you always have fresh content! Even with a social media manager, only so much can be done if you as a company are not offering content to post. 

Stand Out On Social Media With Three Ring Focus

We’ve got what it takes to get you started if you’ve got what it takes to keep you going! Social media can be a total jungle to maneuver through, but it’s making sure your words (and photos) matter when you post. Quality over quantity, as they say.

Three Ring Focus has been helping clients of all sizes and industries create strategies to stand out on social media for tons of local businesses in Myrtle Beach and beyond. Whether you’re just starting your marketing venture, or are looking to expand your already-successful business, we’ve got you covered. We’re the best of both worlds! Three Ring Focus is here to help you craft your next high-quality website, social marketing, or SEO strategy. Check out of some the work we’ve done for a little sneak peek. Don’t miss out on the benefits of having an expertly crafted website.