It’s time to say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022! As a professional marketing company here in Myrtle Beach, SC we’re constantly thinking ahead. Most business owners usually do too. That’s why our team here at Three Ring Focus has come up with a few marketing tips to catapult your business in front of its competitors!

  1. Plan Out Content

When you can set aside time to schedule posts, make notes of relevant holidays, and create graphics that resonate with your audience, your content will perform better and you’ll be less stressed than if you have to come up with something on the spot!

  1. Explore/Test New Strategies

If your business has never ventured into email marketing before, try it! You never know how well it may perform! The same goes for running social media ad campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, and more! 

  1. Ask For Reviews

Customers trust reviews. Build your business’s online credibility by asking customers to leave a review! Taking time to respond to each review will also help build trust with current and potential customers! 

  1. Consider A Website Re-Design

Depending on the type of business you own (B2B or B2C) we suggest redesigning your website every 3 – 5 years for maximum optimization and the best performance possible. Having a current, high-performing website will give your company a leg up over competitors. 

  1. Video Marketing

It’s projected that video content will take up over 82% of the content that’s posted throughout 2022 (Marketing Insider Group, 2021). Get a head start and start producing video content today! 

  1. Get To Know Your Audience

Whether you have a Facebook Page or a Business Instagram account, there are insight tools that allow you to access data about your audience. Use that to your advantage!

  1. Start A Conversation

Give your audience something to talk about. Whether it’s a product or service of yours, get your audience talking about it! 

  1. Be Personal

Your audience wants to know there is someone behind your business that cares and can relate to them. Finding a creative way to connect the two is key!
Overall, these are just a few general marketing tips that your small business can use to kick off 2022. If you’re looking for a more personalized strategy, give our team a call! We’re always here to help small businesses perfect their marketing strategies!