Everyone loves free stuff. So when it’s available everybody takes it, regardless of what it is. They are like kids in a candy store. They don’t know why they are grabbing for free swag; what are they ever going to do with that backscratcher? They don’t know but they want it. However just getting something into their hands with your business logo on it isn’t enough. They need to not only want it, but also use it. That’s why the best types of promotional items are the types that provides value.

How many pens do you have lying around with every business logo under the sun? I would venture to guess too many to count. What about those drink koozies? Everyone at the beach seems to think that’s the best promo item this side of the Mississippi. I’ve got a bag full of them that I never use. Just like any other form of marketing, standing out from the pack is key. Sure it might cost a little more, but wouldn’t you spend an extra couple bucks to actually see some return on your investment in the form of new business? I know I would. Get something unique to give away that you know nobody else will have. People like things that they don’t see everyday, it’s a great icebreaker and it will keep you in their mind. For example, at our upcoming expo we are giving away beach chair cell phone holders. So now when everyone is at their office desk they can have their cell phone sit up on something rather than lay around and get lost in stacks of paper. We’ve provided a useful and unique item for them to use…that just happens to have our logo on it. How convenient.

So next time your business is slapping it’s logo on something to give away, step outside your comfort zone and ignore the pens, notepads, t-shirts & totes. Get creative and find something unique and useful that will help you stand out from the crowd.