Building you a fantastic new website is our bread & butter and we’ll eat that up all day! We love web design, absolutely love it! Like sometimes it gets a little weird around here because of how much we love it. But it’s a good kind of weird…at least that’s what we tell our families.

There is nothing better or more important for a company than a website (so says us the website guys). It’s the face of your company, it’s your sales pitch when you can’t be there yourself, it can be your lead generator or your storefront or whatever you need it to be! All the other marketing you can do will end with people going back to your website for more information. That great Facebook post you made, the billboards, the radio ads or whatever you do to get your name out there will eventually stick in that person’s mind and get them back to your website. Now what they find when they get there is up to you. Will they come across a piece of crap that was designed by your cousin’s nephew’s friend’s former roommate or will they find a professional looking website that draws them in and wins their trust? If you can gain their trust, you can gain their business.

I’m going to have you stop for a minute right now and think back to the last time you needed something. Doesn’t matter what it is, just take a minute to think. Could have been a plumber or a new pair of pants, doesn’t really matter. How did you find what you were looking for? I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say you probably didn’t go look in your phonebook did you? My phonebook is laying in a dump somewhere because I threw it out seeing as how I’m not 90 years old. I’d probably guess you grabbed your laptop or iPad or smartphone or whatever else we all have glued to our fingertip and searched for whatever it was you needed. We are in a booming age of technology and people can find out all about you and your company in a matter of seconds. Making sure they see the right things and what you want them to see is key.Now go ahead and think back again to the last time you searched for something online and came across and ugly website, and we all have, and then you used their services or gave them your credit card online. Ya you probably can’t remember that time because it never happened. People don’t trust poorly done and ugly looking websites because we don’t trust them. Fortunately for you, the only things ugly here at Three Ring Focus is us…Our websites are things of beauty!

So when you’re ready for real marketing and when you’re ready to set yourself apart from the heard give us a call. All of our websites are compatible with those fancy mobile devices you carry around and we’d love to get weird over some websites with you!