Shelby Chapman

Office Manager

Shelby Chapman was born and raised in good ol’ Conway South Carolina, so you better think twice before you try to break into the front door of Three Ring Focus because you know she can handle a gun and she keeps that thang’ on her! Shelby is local through and through. She is a graduate of Carolina Forest High School, HGTC and CCU so she knows all the back roads and secrets paths to avoid all the tourists in town. For some reason, she picked hanging out here with the Three Ring Focus clowns and taking care of a bunch of grown children everyday!


Favorite Food: Sushi

Drink of Choice: Vodka cran or just plain water so I don’t sound like an alcoholic

Favorite Desktop Gadget: The hangup button

Down Time Activity: Playing video games, reading, and watching stupid dating shows

Music Preference: Alternative Rock

Fun Fact: I have traveled to over 10 different countries (and can still only speak English)

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