Jess Cleland

Senior Designer

Jess Cleland is the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) at the office. Don’t worry, she gave herself that title and we’re all too scared to change it. In fact, Jess is typically the one teaching the guys new profanities! Jess is originally from Syracuse, NY but moved to beautiful Myrtle Beach to receive her Art Studio degree from Coastal Carolina University once she realized she wasn’t going to become a professional athlete. Yet that didn’t stop her from spending a few years as an Assistant Tennis Pro until she realized it was time to get a “real” job. Jess then spent time working as lead Interactive Designer for a local airline and also worked with another Marketing Company here in Myrtle Beach until she realized how awesome we are here at Three Ring Focus and that she’d fit right in….but you still might want to pray for her.


Favorite Food: Pizza

Drink of Choice: Water

Favorite Desktop Gadget: Rolodex

Down Time Activity: Playing outside. Grown ups can do that, right?

Music Preference: Literally EVERYTHING… it’s my favorite.

Fun Fact: Was an Assistant Tennis Pro for 5+ years.

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