Andrew Kipple


Andrew Kipple, also known as Dew, is the President and CEO of Three Ring Focus, LLC whose responsibilities include business planning, enterprise accountability, day-to-day management, client interaction, sales and services, and other cool super fancy boss terms. Andrew graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio with a B.S. in Marketing and received his law degree from Valparaiso University in Indiana. Somehow he tricked a great girl named Carla into marrying him and they have two beautiful daughters, Lucianna and Leanna. What Andrew lacks in good looks he makes up for with great ideas and piles of student loan debt that he is more than happy to give away to anyone interested…No? Nobody? No takers at all? Dammit.


Favorite Food:   My mother’s homemade pasta

Drink of Choice:   Blanton’s Bourbon

Favorite Desktop Gadget:  Picture of my girls

Down Time Activity:  Enjoying a great cigar

Music Preference: Michael Bublé station on Pandora (He’s not just for Christmas time!)

Fun Fact: Won a State Free-Throw shooting competition when I was 12 years old….So yeah, that should impress you enough to do business.


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