Ali Wright

Office Manager

Ali was born a weird kid in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and moved around a bit as a child before her family settled in Myrtle Beach when she was 13. She went to Carolina Forest High School and was (GASP) in marching band. Though her dream was to one day defeat the Huns and save all of China (like her childhood hero Fa Mulan), she eventually realized that was a bit unrealistic. Also she wasn’t Chinese. So instead she attended Presbyterian College to study Psychology and History (she still found time to study Mandarin on the side, though). She now works as office manager, making obscure nerd references and conducting failed culinary experiments in the office kitchen.


Favorite Food: Korean

Drink of Choice: Margarita

Favorite Desktop Gadget: White-Out Tape

Down Time Activity: Reading, Travel & Writing

Music Preference: K-Pop

Fun Fact: Once snuck onto the roof of a Buddhist temple with some friends while studying abroad in China and got chased off by a monk.


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