Who are we?

Well that’s the million-dollar question every company faces (we are a Myrtle Beach web design company that handles online marketing). Knowing who you are as a company and what you want it to become are the two building block questions that set the foundation upon which the rest of your business is built on and relies upon. Because it doesn’t matter how great you think your company is – what matters is how others perceive your company. Every word and image you use reflects your business and leaves a lasting impression on each person that comes into contact with them. Your company’s website, marketing & advertising are all little conversations between your company and potential clients. You wouldn’t show up to a client meeting in dirty clothes and speaking gibberish, so why would you let your company?

So what are we at Three Ring Focus all about? We are all about you. “Fun, Fast, Affordable” is no joke; it’s who we are as a company. We are young, talented and hungry. That other company said it will take them 6 months to design your website? Pffft, what?? Are they building the Internet from scratch first? Stop by our office, let’s grab a beer and knock this thing out of the park while they’re still trying to figure out where their computer plugs in.


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