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We make pretty, pretty pictures on the inter-web for businesses so they make money! Well, at least that’s how our mother describes what we do to her friends. We would describe it as making your business look like a legitimate company with a sexy web design and not like some creepy guy trying to sell you something in a back alley. Neither is probably the best way to label it, but whatever way you choose to describe what we do, the important thing is you know that we do it well.

At its core, web design is a work of art and our award-winning web designers take great pride in every project. Templates?? Are you serious with that?! You might get slapped if you even mention that word around here at Three Ring Focus. We treat each client differently, because each client IS different. All of our designs are customized and tailored to each individual client. We don’t try to squeeze you and your business into some website mold that everyone should fall into to be successful. We make it our goal to give you the type of web presence you need by identifying who you are as a company, who you are targeting as potential customers, and what you want your website to do for your business. You can’t fit that into a template.

The entire process is a painless one – unless you want it to be painful, in which case we can kick you in the shins and throw stuff at you. But if we are going the painless route, we start with an introductory/discovery meeting. Here you will sit down with our team, including one of our designers. We find that if our clients can sit and talk with a designer directly instead of going through a middle man, like a project manager, it cuts down on the overall build time dramatically. If the designer is the one bringing you and your business to life, then there is nothing better than developing that directly from you, the source. After our introductory meeting, we will develop a proposal based on your needs and wants. Once you review that and decided it’s time to move forward with us, we will all high-five and maybe even have a drink to celebrate our upcoming relationship! WhoooHoo! Then you can keep drinking, but we’ll get to work creating your new spectacular online presence. You will be involved throughout the entire process so that the end result is exactly what you envisioned – and likely even better than what you envisioned! The final step is you telling all your friends and business associates how great your new site looks and how awesome Three Ring Focus is! Like we said, it’s painless. (For the painful process, contact us directly.)

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