Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it

Despite being two completely different fields, UX design and UI design often get mixed up by the general public – which kind of makes sense. Have one without the other and odds are your website’s gonna turn out a bit…wonky.

UX design stands for User Experience design, while UI stands for User Interface design – and they should go hand-in-hand. It’s why we stuck both on one page.

UI design focuses on the presentation of an application or website – the size and shape of the buttons users click on. Any fonts, images, slides or animations. Text entry fields. Any and all visual elements that users interact with and the AESTHETIC of those elements is the domain of the graphic designer in charge of the UI design of your website. They make sure your website is gorgeous, visually-stimulating, and themed appropriately to your business.

UX design on the other hand is all about HOW users interact with your website. The UX designer’s job is to make sure your website flows – that any clients or potential clients who interact with it find it streamlined, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Nothing makes potential customers click away faster than clunky, confusing websites.

The UI and UX design process relies on close collaboration and communication as both designers work to make sure your business’s website not only LOOKS amazing, but maximizes usability and comfort for every visitor to your website.

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