much more than selfies and pokes

Remember that employee you had to fire because they just played around on Facebook and Twitter all day? Yeah, well, we hired them. People nowadays can’t go 5 minutes without checking every social media outlet they have at their fingertips – so why not have our team help your company capture people’s ever decreasing attention span? Our Social Media Marketing services include account creation, content creation, ad creation (see below) and strategies to get your business in front of the right eyeballs, the right way.

“But I’m not a large company like Disney or Nike, I don’t need to mess around with social media.” – Is a dumb thing you might be saying. Sorry to be harsh, but just because you aren’t a Fortune 500 company doesn’t mean people aren’t noticing what you are doing online. Social Media keeps your users involved, it keeps them informed and up to date about what your business is doing, and most importantly it keeps your business in front of them.

We have experience in dealing with over 1.6 million Facebook fans daily. Read that again. We deal with over 1.6 million Facebook fans every day. You aren’t going to find expertise like that everywhere. We know how to build quality fans for your page, get them interacting on your page & have them excited about your business.

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