Stop their Scrolling, start your selling

Have you seen those Sponsored Posts in your newsfeed from pages that you know you never liked? Those are called Facebook ads and you can thank us for those.

Sponsored Posts, Boosted Posts and other Facebook ads are killer ways to reach very specific users. For example, if you are a jeweler looking to target young, dumb males who are dating, but not yet engaged, we can do that. Perhaps it would be best to target those guys at the end of the summer right around wedding season when all of their friends will be getting married.  With Facebook ads, we can target Facebook users by age, gender, interests, life events, income, recent purchases, the list goes on and on.

Boosted Posts are a great way to promote a Facebook post that you have had some organic success with or if there is something that you want to get the word out quickly with. Maybe your restaurant is serving an Easter brunch, so maybe for that week leading up to Easter we set up a boosted post targeting those users who live within 25 miles of your restaurant promoting the items on the buffet. Or maybe it’s Cyber Monday and we really need to sell these 10 Xbox consoles at a heavily discounted price.

With Facebook advertising, you can set up campaigns that can help boost the likes on your page, or you can send users to your website to buy your products. Whatever your goal is, we can help you reach it.

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