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I’m honestly shocked you’re still reading about what all we do. You can call us you know, we have very deep and sexy voices and we’d love to talk. But if you’re still shy some of our other web design and marketing services are listed below for you to read about. But basically, we can do it all; Dog sitting, personal chef, boat captains, bartending, wedding planning, or whatever else you can think of. We don’t promise anything outside of what is listed below will be good, but we can do it…

Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing is that focus that includes the design or development of element(s) that will live on the Internet or on a handheld mobile or electronic device. From basic website design, to custom deep level database development, to even the newest and coolest in app and widget design and development, Three Ring Focus can help.

Web Hosting

What in the world is web hosting? Well basically the simplest way to explain it is that it’s like paying rent for your website to live online. Web hosts provide space on a server for your website so that it can come up on the World Wide Web.So how much does that cost? Well, chances are good less than what you’re paying now. Unfortunately companies in our field tend to take advantage of the uniformed and charge them an arm and a leg. Now in some cases hosting can be costly depending on some factors such as heavy traffic, large files, advances functions, etc.. However, for the most part simple web site hosting is all your business will need. For that, if we design your web site we host free for the first year and after that it’s only $150 for the entire year. I’m almost embarrassed to say “you’re welcome for not screwing you.”

Mobile Marketing

If you are anything like us your Smartphone isn’t more than 3 feet away from you at all times. Sure that’s kind of scary to think about how dependent we seem to be on our mobile devices, but from a business standpoint it’s terrific because if you always have your phone nearby then so do potential customers. Over 60% of online searches are now being done from mobile devices! So having a website that is compatible with the latest Smartphone is a must. Not only are all of our website mobile friendly but we also have the capabilities to build out a fully customized mobile version of your website, develop mobile apps and implement text message marketing! Now you’ll have the ability to reach your customers everywhere and anywhere!

App Development

There’s no better way to connect and stay connected with your market audience, especially if they are part of the younger, more web savvy crowd. Mobile App design and development is red hot, and not many interactive marketing companies can handle it. But Three Ring Focus can because we are more than just a web design and marketing company.


I bought a pair of shoes online recently. Shoes! I remember when it use to take me 6 hours and 12 different stores trying on every pair until I found the right one. Now I pop online and have them shipped to my home without even putting on those weird flesh colored pantyhose socks! That’s because we are living in a magical world of Ecommerce. Buying and selling your product online takes down those geographical barriers of your store and expands your audience immensely. However, before someone is going to give you their money over the Internet you better earn their trust, and the only way to do that is to set up your Ecommerce store the right way.  Let Three Ring Focus get you set up so the only thing you have to worry about is shipping all those new orders out the door!


Pictures are pretty and words are boring, we get it; people don’t want to read what you have to offer, they want to visualize it. Your little camera phone pictures might be fine for those snap shots of you and your friends out on the town but they aren’t good enough to represent your business. Let us come take professional photography for you so your business does well enough to keep paying for those nights out!


Nothing says I’m a legitimate company more than a shaky cell phone camera your kid is holding as you try to sell your product the world. Am I right? Seriously though, everything your company says and does is a reflection of you and your product or service so when it comes time to getting that message across in a commercial or interview or any other type of video, give us a call and let us take your video to the next level.

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