Google’s new algorithm change and what it means for you website.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard Google is changing their algorithm for how they rank websites on their search engine. I have no doubt you’ve probably received plenty of spam-like emails telling you that your website is incompatible and that you’re basically going to be marked for death by Google. Settle down, it will all be okay.

First, what does this even mean? Google changing their algorithm is nothing new, they do it from time to time because they are always trying to be on the forefront of everything and deliver the best product and searching capabilities to their clients (people who Google stuff). So, because Google knows that in today’s technological world a very high percentage of searches are being down on mobile devices, they know their users would appreciate the search results to turn up mobile-friendly websites. So, if your website is designed mobile friendly it will likely rank higher than your competitors who do not have a mobile friendly website.

What does this mean for your current website? Well, that depends. The first thing you should do is check here to see if your site is mobile friendly according to Google’s new standards. It will analyze your site and give you the results on whether or not your site is mobile-friendly. If it is not, it will tell you why. If it is mobile friendly, still take the time to read through he results. Just because it says “mobile friendly” doesn’t mean it’s fully optimized. There might still be images and options on your website that are not mobile compatible, so be sure to check your site thoroughly.

What are your options if your website failed? The easiest thing to do is give us a call and we can help you through the process. We’ve been designing responsive website for the past two years before Google even made this official switch. However, just because technology has made your older site out of date and in need of a redesign, does not mean you absolutely have to rebuild your site. There are more affordable options, such as creating a mobile version of your website that can act as an adequate substitute. So while it’s not as beneficial as a responsive web design, it will still be considered “mobile-friendly” according to Google. The one thing you shouldn’t do is nothing. Where you rank on Google is a key to most businesses and staying up-to-date with their algorithm is important to your website’s usefulness.