Texting, texting, texting. The world we live in I’m pretty sure I have no idea what teenagers even look like nowadays because all I see is the top of their head because they are constantly looking down at their phone to text someone about something. I’m only 28 years old but I feel like they see me texting slowly the same way I’d look at an elderly lady trying to dial out on a rotary phone! I can spend days talking about how awful I think the next generation’s people skills will be but then I’ll start sounding too much like my parents yelling at me saying video games will rot my brain. So instead we’ll try to look at this in a positive light…mobile marketing.

Texting isn’t limited to teenagers. I do it, you do it, and your parents probably do it. Cell phones are about as common of an accessory item as you’ll find today and it is just another toy that is taking potential consumer eyes off your print ad or billboard and tv commercial and focusing it elsewhere. So how do you get those eyes back? It’s simple, go to where their attention is. Send them a text. Interacting with your customers via text message is a great way to keep your business in their mind and grab their attention in a way that is convenient and beneficial to them. Keeping customers informed, rewarding them by offering discounts and specials and even engaging them with games are just a few examples of some great marketing tools that can be implemented via text message.

So when you’re sitting around your dinner table tonight and you look over at your daughter smiling at her cell phone texting away and you look across from her at your son taking a picture of your wife’s meatloaf so he can put it on Instagram to show all his friends and then finally across the table at your spouse updating their Facebook status you’ll realize that there is something to this mobile marketing and you might just want to hire us to send out a text message to your family telling them to put their phones down so you all can enjoy dinner for a minute.