Yeah, we manage a Facebook page with over 940,000 followers, but it’s not always about the numbers. As we tell a lot of people that we talk to, it’s important to maintain social media outlets whether you have 3 likes or 3 million likes. We inject every website that we design with SEO steroids so that this doesn’t happen, but in a lot of cases, a good bit of businesses with Facebook pages come up in Google before their actual website. Us as users tend to trust Google and click on the first result that comes up. If a potential customer clicks on your business Facebook page and sees that you created your page 3 years ago and only made one post on that day and haven’t touched it since, they will probably assume that either your business is no more, or that you really don’t care to engage with your customers. Either way, it’s not a good thing. Here are a few quick tips of things to post to your Facebook page to keep it looking lively:

1. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Whether it be a picture of a recent job that your company did, a lunch special, or a funny picture of a chihuahua playing poker, people are much move privy to images on Facebook than text. Facebook themselves have actually taken steps to images becoming more important in News Feeds, so we encourage you to pop in a picture with any text than you plan on posting to Facebook. It’s also more likely than your fans will ‘Share’ a picture, which can lead to more likes.

2. Blog Posts. Does your website have a blog? If you blog once a week for an entire year, you will add over 50 pages to your website! Each post should be packed with keywords that you want to be found for and will only help your relationship with Google. “Yeah, that’s great, but how does this relate to Facebook?” – Great question! After each blog post, copy and paste the link into your Facebook page. BOOM! More content for your page. Facebook also has an app called RSS Graffiti where it pulls in your blog RSS feed and automatically posts anything from your blog straight to Facebook without you having to do a thing. It’s pretty nice if you manage quite a few blogs like this guy.

3. Promotions/Giveaways. Does your business have a weekly or monthly special? Post it to Facebook! Your users want to feel that they are getting value by being a fan of your page. Make one that is Facebook specific so that you can track your referrals. Something like “Call us today for a quote and be sure to mention PurpleMonkey15 to get 25% off your entire purchase. This is our gift to you guys for liking us on Facebook.” Aside from specials, people LOVE getting free stuff. If your company has any promotional items such as pens, notebooks, coffee cups, frisbees, etc. give some away to your fans. For them to simply ‘like’ a page or ‘like’ a post by one click of the mouse to be entered to win something, they will do it every time.