When it comes to logos, many times it’s the first thing that a potential client or customer may see – and first impressions matter! It’s more than just a small image or design, it’s a point of recognition for clients and very important when it comes to the branding of your business! Customers often form an opinion about a business within seconds of seeing a logo. Having a well-designed logo is an easy way to show potential clients that your business is professional and provides good quality products or services. Before settling on a final logo design, here are a few things you should consider.

The Placement

Your logo should be distinctive enough to work across multiple mediums like billboards, brochures, business cards, and more. A good, effective logo works well in both color and black and white and looks good whether it’s big or small. 

Be Original

Avoid following trends to attract and impress viewers and clients. A good logo is distinctive enough for people to remember and can give an idea of the type of business and services/products they offer. Every little detail of a logo is important and by creating something different and original, your logo is more than likely to be memorable.  

Start with Something Simple

Get rid of all the elements that create the clutter and confusion and start with a minimalistic design that conveys your message, and then build from there. A clean, simple logo will give something people can appreciate at a glance. 

How Can We Help You?

Whether you have no idea where to start or you already have a logo and want a fresher version of it, our team of graphic designers can make your vision come to life! Here at Three Ring Focus, we understand the importance of a great logo and are ready to help you create a beautiful representation of your business.