In the last few months, COVID-19 has become the dominate discussion for media and news outlets all over the world. Companies, businesses, and industries are all feeling the effects a worldwide pandemic can cause. This crisis is making business and company owners reevaluate their entire digital marketing strategy. Due to the uncertainty evolving over this virus, we’ve taken a proactive approach to handling our client’s marketing and website needs.

As this virus has continued to spread and big events and gatherings are canceled nationwide, many industries are taking financial hits. Thus being said, budgets are being reevaluated and different needs need to be met. More and more people are getting off work, kids are getting out of school, therefore more people are spending time at home. This is great news for those in the e-commerce industry because researchers and marketing experts predict people to shop online during the times they don’t typically browse. With the increase of online shoppers predicted, we continue to closely follow keyword trends and watching how certain audiences react to different ads.

If you’re not in the e-commerce industry, you can expect foot traffic to slow down as this virus continues to spread around the United States. As a business owner, it’s important to take the right steps in making sure your employees are taking the proper precautions in protecting themselves and your clients from COVID-19. If your business provides clients with a service, it’s best to reach out and encourage them to reschedule their appointment if they feel sick or show any flu-like symptoms. As this virus runs it’s course and countries begin to recover, you can expect foot traffic to increase again.

Overall, we’re here to help you reevaluate your marketing strategy based on your business’s needs during this pandemic. As we work hard to keep up with our industry changes during this unnerving time, we’re keeping your business at the forefront.