With online purchases on the rise, it’s not surprising that most consumers rely heavily on web searches to find the most convenient acquisition method to suit their needs. Whether it is food, clothing, or a service Google has presented itself as the most frequently-utilized search engine of millennials. Now, Google has expanded their capabilities to allow customers to place an order for food directly through their search engine, making it even easier to get the convenience they crave. After typing in the desired restaurant or food choice, Google presents the clickable link “Place an Order” which redirects the user to the restaurant’s corresponding ordering service such as Eat24 or GrubHub.

While Google has certainly provided a streamlined method to discovering which ordering service the chosen restaurant utilizes, they have not developed anything particularly novel to the consumer. Customers may just as easily visit the Eat24 website to identify which restaurants in their area are eligible for online ordering and proceed with their request through the compatible website. Ultimately, the only benefit this feature provides is to dramatically increase page traffic for the independent sites involved with very little investment given to money or effort. So thanks, Google, for finding a way to be completely unselfish on their quest to convenience, those guys at Eat24, GrubHub, and the like owe you one.