Step 1: Marketing Objective

The first step to creating a Facebook advertisement is to determine your marketing objective. Your marketing objective is the goals you set for your company when promoting a product or service. You can see in the picture, that we’ve highlighted engagement as our marketing objective. With this, our objective would be to engage more people with our advertised post. This includes comments, shares, likes, event responses, and offer claims. Once you select your objective, you select what type of engagements, and a campaign name. Facebook also gives you the option to Create Split Test; this option would test creative, placement, audience, and delivery optimization.

Step 2: Choose Your Target Audience

The second step in creating a Facebook advertisement would be to select your target audience. Keep in mind that the more specific the audience, the more expensive the advertisement. The benefit of this is that you are only reaching individuals who fit your target demographic. Here we have chosen individuals who reside within fifty miles of Myrtle Beach. If you would like to add multiple locations, that is an option Facebook offers. We have chosen ages between thirty and sixty with no gender preference. For our detailed demographic, we chose individuals with Owner in their job title, chief executive officer in their interests, and those with chief marketing officer in their interests. Facebook also offers connections. So here we have excluded those who like our Facebook page; this is because these individuals will already be seeing our posts.

Step 3: Advertisement Design

After you have selected your target demographic, we move on to the design portion of the advertisement. This is where you create what your advertisement will look like when published. Here we have selected Singe Image as our format, this gives us the option to create up to six variations of advertisements with one image each. After you select your images there is a section for copy. Here you will insert a brief, descriptive, and audience engaging text that will appear with your advertisement. You also have the option to create a headline and after that you will be able to preview what your advertisements will look like. Once satisfied with your advertisement, set your budget and publish your ad.

Once your advertisement is published, you will be able to see how many impressions you’ve made, how many individuals you’ve reached, and from there you can determine if your advertisement was a successful post.

If you don’t want to do these yourself, our staff at Three Ring Focus will do it for you! Here is an example of a Facebook Advertisement we did for our client Carolina Hook and Line Co. This is just one of the many Facebook Advertisements we do daily for our clients. If your company is looking to be more efficient in advertising and wants to utilize the cheapest form of advertising, Three Ring Focus offers full service. When working with Facebook, we offer advertisements, page updates, clever copy-write, quality photos, and themed posts that ensure we are marketing with a purpose.