Email Blast or Enewsletter? Which is it and which is better for my business?

Long story short, it’s all a matter of personal use and preference. An enewsletter would clearly be a newsletter sent out to inform while a “blast” could be either a newsletter or a promotion (although it’s more typically intended to mean the latter).

With an enewsletter you aren’t trying to directly sell to those on your email list but rather deliver them the most recent news surrounding your company and just generally keeping them up-to-date as to the goings on in your industry and your company. The point of an enewsletter, other than being informative, is to simply reach out and touch your clients or potential customers by keeping your company’s name in their mind. Whether you are sending out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly newsletters is highly dependent on the type of business you are in. You don’t want to cross that line from being informative to becoming annoying.

An email blast, for the purpose of promotion, is exactly as it sounds. You are simply promoting your business by sending out some sort of targeted campaign. It might be as simple as giving out a coupon or bringing notice to a special sale, or you could use it to promote other parts of your business like trying to attract attention and new fans to your business Facebook page. The same can be said for the frequency of these email blasts. Some businesses can get away with daily emails, others may be considered intrusive even if it’s only once a week.

Depending on the message that is sent, the name of what you call a business email may change but the end-goal remains the same: Keep your clients interested in your business. Well design emails are an effective and efficient way to reach the masses.