With all the hype surrounding new social media platforms, we’re seeing a lot of misconceptions in the marketing universe. Many marketers believe that new channels can replace trending players, but this isn’t always the case. It’s the same with different ways to promote – like email marketing or mailers. While some may say they’re a waste of time, we disagree. So, what’s the best way to market to new customers? Well, without knowing much about your company, we have no idea, but if you want a few cool ideas to get you started, we’ve got them. Let’s start by debunking some digital marketing myths!

Myth #1: Results are Instant

If you’re going to invest in digital marketing, be prepared to spend a long time trying to get the results you want. Many people believe that once you get a marketing tactic going, the traffic and impressions will come rolling in. We’re here to tell you that that is most definitely not the case. Is there a chance you may pop off immediately? Sure, there always will be. However, digital marketing is a long-term investment: it takes about six months before you start to see results. 

Why? Because promoting an entire business takes time. Between gathering data, finding a strategy that works for you and your team, and hopping on ever-changing trends, it’s hard to really hit the ground running for any source of marketing materials. The reason people seem to discredit digital marketing is often because they are quitting before even giving their tries a chance.

Myth #2: Facebook and Instagram Aren’t Enough

We’re sure you’ve heard this before: don’t spread yourself too thin. While it may sound simple, many businesses fall into the common trap of believing that they need to be on every social media platform as part of their digital marketing strategy. This is a huge mistake that actually hurts your brand more than it helps. Each platform is used for a different reason. If you run an insurance business, you shouldn’t be promoting on Pinterest. If your target audience is parents and adults 50 and over, you probably shouldn’t be promoting on TikTok either. 

In today’s social media landscape, it can feel like there is a new platform every day. Instead of spreading yourself thin and trying to be on every platform, focus your resources on the platforms that are most relevant and effective for your niche, goals, and audience. Then create content that is tailored for each platform and its best practices.

Myth #3: Quantity Over Quality

While quantity is always good to get you off the ground quicker, quality plays a much larger role in your success in marketing. Content that is well thought out and meaningful to your customers is key for effective digital marketing. In today’s world, there are so many distractions, including your competitors. Developing a quality content strategy and then sticking to it will help you build your brand and increase sales.

This applies to everything from Google reviews to social media. One extremely personable and positive review can go a long way, sometimes even longer than 100 blank five-star reviews. A strong focus on quality will help you build a loyal customer base and improve the overall reputation of your company.

Myth #4: Copy is Dead

Not so fast. While it’s true that your audience preferences shift over time, written content still holds its own against video. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok can be daunting when trying to think of campaigning schemes for your business. However, it’s important to remember that the internet still relies on written words and content descriptions for a majority of its search results.

Blog posts, keywords and SEO, newsletters, and even website copy can make the difference between being at the top of a search result, and the bottom of page 4. It’s easy to fall behind in the battle of SEO while video is becoming the preferred method of content consumption. Video can be harder to produce regularly, but text can be easily updated to match trending searches.

Myth #5: Only Major Companies Need A Marketing Team

One of the biggest digital marketing myths is that only big business needs a marketing team. Even big businesses started small. Tons of people believe that only those big companies that can drop thousands and thousands of dollars really need a marketing strategy. They would be completely wrong. 

In this digital age, it’s not about having the biggest ad budget or owning a ton of expensive equipment. It’s about thinking strategically, finding the right audience for your product or service, and maintaining strong relationships with customers. In fact, that’s how some big companies like Amazon and Apple stay at the top of online searches. The only difference is your budget. But trust us when we say, there is plenty a small business can do to grow gradually – potentially turning into major profit down the line.

Myth #6: Negative Reviews Online Are Bad For Business

No one wants a one-star review that starts with “I wish I could give this company zero stars” but we’ve all gotten one… right? Let’s face it, not every customer will be happy with your work. Sometimes, their concerns are entirely valid and there is a need for improvement. Follow up with your customers and provide the education or information needed for them to understand what went wrong. This can help your team learn from it, how that improvement was implemented, and how they can help you to improve further in the future.

Do you business a favor and take the time to respond to all those negative and critical reviews. Many companies are too afraid of them and it taints their reputation, especially with potential customers who might be on the fence about buying from them. But taking the time to respond can assure customers you care about them. If done right, you can actually use negative reviews to your advantage as other potential clients observe how to handle difficult situations.

Myth #7: Marketing Is Too Expensive

Creating the perfect marketing strategy is no easy task. You need to take into account your goals and budget, but also how you want to appeal to your target audience and what’s worked for other companies in the same industry. 

While yes, some aspects of digital marketing can be expensive, you can also set your own budget. When it comes to social platforms, Google ads, and email marketing, you can set a personal budget for how much you want to spend each month. This can be super helpful for smaller businesses that may not have that “Amazon” budget just yet. 

Debunking Digital Marketing Myths with Three Ring Focus

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