Case Study:
Diamond Back Classic Radials

Diamond Back Classics is a nationwide company but based right here locally in Conway, SC. They evolved from a tire retread manufacturer to becoming what is now a premier producer of custom wide white wall, redline, blueline and goldline tires for the classic car hobby. And while their product is made for classic cars, unfortunately their website and branding also looked like it was straight out of the 70’s. Until we showed up.



(Yes, that’s an accurate figure!)

The Goal:

The goal was simple… bring the Diamond Back brand into the 21st century. First, updating the website. A visual website for a visual product. Make it cool, but make it simple. After all, classic car enthusiasts are typically an older demographic so we need to make the buying process easy as well as enticing.



This isn’t a “build it and they will come” model of marketing. A new website isn’t any good if nobody is going to it. That’s why we help run Diamond Back’s social media pages as well as send out these awesome email blasts pushing traffic to their new toy!

But just because we’ve got a great new website doesn’t mean we turn our back on the more old-school client. The Diamond Back consumer still enjoys the touch of that printed catalog and some still prefer to place their order that way, so we needed to make sure their new look and style was consistent across all their branding.



What We Do:

web design / print ads / social media / eblast / seo / t-shirt design / copywriting / photography / ppc advertising

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