Case Study: 44 & King

Built under the shade of old, live oaks, 44 & King brings you a pub atmosphere and southern comfort food. Lowcountry, traditional favorites, but with a unique, creative twist. 44 & King is a great place to grab a local brew with friends and their menu items are crafted with only the best, locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients.

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A Few Beers:

How do you create something out of nothing? You talk, you brainstorm, you have a few beers and maybe a bourbon or two. At least that’s what we did when Brown came to us with a name and an idea for a restaurant unlike any other in Myrtle Beach.

We knew that if this restaurant wasn’t going to be your traditional Myrtle Beach restaurant then their brand couldn’t be either. It had to reflect that lowcountry southern attitude its proprietor portrayed. So, we started with an awesome logo, the foundation of any brand. Once that groundwork was laid then it was time to start building everything else. Website, menus, business cards, social media…you name it, it was created.

Instagram Following In 6 Months


We know people eat with their eyes long before it hits their stomach so one of our biggest marketing efforts focused on social media. Naturally mouth-watering food paired with a few awesome photo shoots gave us all the ammo we needed to start growing the buzz for their grand opening and we’ve enjoyed keeping that momentum going strong to this day!

Clemson Football National Championships: 


(We got you Brown!)

What We Do:

web design / print ads / social media / eblast / seo / t-shirt design / copywriting / photography / ppc advertising

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