– Who are you? (*Roger Daltry voice* Who, who, who, who?) –
You have a concept and want to start a business? YES! That is step one. But step 1.5 is your brand. It is knowing yourself as a company. Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself – “Who are you?!” The question has many layers to it, and we can help. Making a long term strategy is the best bet. But there needs to be long and short term wins when branding. Here are some winning ways to get going, then let us take the lead:

Be memorable. Your brand needs to convey exactly what your intentions are as a company. When you are a young company, you want to make sure not to cast your net too wide – be specific. Who is your launch audience? Your go to market product/service needs to meet the needs of your intended consumer. Then expand your brand. Keep your launch goals realistic, but long term goals in mind.

Brand guidelines – colors, logo, and allowed usage
Your iconography and color scheme is associated with your brand identity. Guidelines help to articulate who you are, and make you quickly recognizable to consumers. An iconic example is the Nike “Swoosh” – we all know the brand without a word or regardless of color. Carrying the icon throughout your promotions, website, social media, and product is important. Remember – you own your brand.

Do Brand Training
Brand continuity is essential. Any one who is outward facing at your organization (sales, marketing, tech support, trainers, customer service etc.) needs to have the same:
E-mail signature
Social Media Logos
Color Scheme
Photography Style
Talking points

You are your Business Card
We don’t mean literally (but you can leave it as well!) But the idea of a business card is the essence of your company. What impression do you need to leave them with? Whatever makes you stand out, express that out to the masses to make yourself known! Leave a swatch, a sample, direction to your website – ask us and we can direct you as to the best path. Always give the firm handshake, and put your best foot forward.

Customer Personas
Knowing who your clientle or product is built for and meant to serve is key. Building various customer personas will allow you to reach the correct base for success. Marketing and outreach efforts should also be tailored to them all, whether that is e-mail blasts, speaking points, targeted social media – we can help with the strategy and execution.