Halloween, and Fall in general, is an awesome opportunity to have some fun with your marketing and create some unique brand awareness campaigns! Below are some ideas to kick start the perfect Autumn themed marketing campaign for your business!

Hold a Contest

Take advantage of the fact that people are feeling super crafty this time of year! Hold a costume, decoration, food, or pumpkin carving contest. You don’t have to have it at your store location if you don’t want to. Get people to email/message you their pictures and put them on Facebook to have your fans vote! Come up with a creative hashtag to help your campaign gain extra traction!

Give Your Customers the Cred

Everyone loves some customer appreciation! If you know you have some creative customers who are doing awesome things for the holidays around their home or business, recognize them for it on social media by tagging and reposting!

Boo-tastic Video Content

Video content is still king in marketing right now! Have fun with your colleagues by creating a spooky video or set up a hidden camera while doing pranks around the office!

Hold an Event

If you have a big enough office, throw a party! If that isn’t feasible, see if you can team up with someone else in the community who is hosting an event and see how you can be a part of it!


People love festivity! It is one of the things that makes holidays so special! Don’t underestimate the power of decorating your space! We promise your customers will take notice!

Spooky Promo Items

Trick-or-treaters are going to need something to put all that candy in! Get a candy Halloween themed bag/bowl with your logo on it, to hand out. You can also get custom wrapped candy with your logo on it to have at your office or use it for reverse trick-or-treating, where you go around handing it out!

Whatever you decide, there are so many ways to cater your marketing campaign to the season! We hope we have given you some awesome ideas for your business to use and create some brand awareness this Fall!