That’s right people, this is a blog all about blogging…Inception!Okay, now that you’ve recovered from having your mind blown sit back and prepare to have your mind blown again! Because blogging is no longer all about 45 year old guys that live in their mother’s basement and complain online about every little thing that happens in the world that they actually do nothing about in real life. It’s about keeping your users engaged and informed while also helping yourself! That’s what we in the industry call a win-win!

While there are many types of blogs out there what we are concentrated on for your business are corporate and organizational blogs. While reading about a fancy new and easy recipe for biscuits and gravy might be a good read, it does absolutely nothing to help your business or website. Well, unless you are a restaurant; then I suppose that is a perfect blog for you and I’d like to get in on the ground floor with some insider opinions on that if you’d please. But for the rest of you we are focusing in on a blog that serves 2 main goals: (1) enhancing your end user/client experience and knowledge and (2) Improving your search engine rankings.Let’s start with the 2nd goal, improving your search engine rankings, because I know that’s what you want to hear about. Everyone is always asking us how they can move to the top of Google or Bing or Yahoo. Well, there are many different factors that search engines use to rank websites and many ways to improve your ranking, some of which can be very expensive. However, a great and practically free way to improve your rankings is by blogging. Of the hundreds of factors search engines look to for rankings some of the big ones are site traffic, keywords, and time on website.

So let’s break it down quickly and simply what a blog does to benefit those three factors.Let’s say you are a Myrtle Beach photographer and you have a blog built into your site (the blog must be on your site to benefit your site) and you write a blog about wedding photography. How many times will the words “wedding” and “photography” and other great search keywords be used in that blog? I’m guessing quite a bit. Now when you share your blog through other marketing channels like Facebook and eblasts this interesting blog you wrote now generates clicks and traffic to your website. Then while they are on your website, they are reading a blog for a few minutes thus increasing their time on your site. Now, at the same time all this is going on to benefit your website we are serving a second purpose and accomplishing our other goal of enhancing your end user/client experience on your site and their knowledge. They are learning more about your product or service so not only are they learning new things but the appreciate you for being the one that provided that information.

So now let’s extrapolate what we just did over the course of a year. If you blog on your website once a week for a year you’ve just added 52 pages of great content to your website while your competition stood still. You’ve added 52 pages of keywords and phrases that search engines use to rank websites that your competition doesn’t have. You’ve added 52 pages of useful information current and potential customers got from you and not your competition. You’ve just put yourself ahead of the game and spent no money out of your marketing budget. You feel that sweet tingly feeling of appreciation towards us right now for giving you all that information? That’s what your clients can feel if you blog too. Mind officially blown again? Good. So if you want to start blogging for your company let us know if we can help!