The first thing people notice and remember about your brand or business is the logo. Good or bad, it’s the first impression you get to give your customers. Whether you’re designing it yourself or seeking our logo design services, there are three key essential elements your logo needs in order to look professional, be remembered, and recognized by customers. 

Color Scheme 

A good logo will have a simple yet pleasing color scheme that matches your brand’s aesthetic. Using the wrong colors or too many colors can send the wrong message to your customers and make your business feel uninviting. A good logo will look good in any color variant, single color, or black and white. We like to limit it to about three colors depending on the brand. 

Font Matters 

Another key essential that’s important to your brand’s logo is the font you choose. The typeface of your logo needs to flow with the colors and portray your brand’s personality. If you’re a fun and spunky bakery, it’s probably in your brand’s best interest to choose a cursive or handwritten type font. The same goes for the font for a law firm logo, something sleek and serious would work best to portray the seriousness and reliability of the firm. It’s important to make sure the font is readable and looks good, large or small, but more than two fonts can be a receipt for confusion. 

Strong Graphics

Grab attention with graphics that portray your brand in an honest and professional light while staying memorable to anyone who sees it. This is key to getting your potential customers to understand your brand from the first glance. A good graphic looks good no matter what medium it’s used for (website, clothing, storefront windows, etc.) and no matter how dated it gets. 

Overall, our design team here at Three Ring Focus is proficient in creating high-quality logos that stand the test of time for a multitude of brands in many different industries. Whether you need a new logo made from scratch or want us to help redesign your current logo, we’ve got you covered. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! And while you’re here, check out our portfolio of logos we’ve created for previous clients!