There’s no secret recipe when it comes to using social media for your business. Whether you own a 5-star restaurant or you’re running a local roofing company, the tips and tricks are basically the same when it boils down to it. Our social media team here at Three Ring Focus is here to tell you twenty-one social media tips to help your business grow throughout 2021!

  1. Post Regularly

Yes, you probably know this already and that’s okay, but it works! People need to be regularly reminded why they follow you in the first place and posting on a consistent basis is the first step to keeping your followers engaged.

  1. Use Videos Often

By often, we mean as much as you can. Studies have shown that videos outperform pictures by 100%. 

  1. Utilize Hashtags On All Platforms

Whether you’ve just used them on Instagram and Twitter, Facebook has integrated them into their platform as well. This is a perfect way to get your content out in front of people who might not follow or like your page/account! 

  1. Have ‘Soft Content’ Ideas

Rather than flooding your timeline trying to ‘sell something’, throw in a few client testimonials, memes or jokes, shout-outs, etc. You’ll be surprised how well these do!

  1. Stay On Brand 

Make a habit of making sure each post has something in it related to your company, like colors, logo, slogan, etc. Doing so will help your social media account stay professional no matter what you post. 

  1. Sharing Is Caring

When a business partner or client posts about your business or work, share it! This is a great way to say ‘thank you’ and get another post out there. 

  1. Showcase Yourself Or Employees

People love to put a face to the name! Try shouting out an employee or posting a little something about yourself to spark interest in your business. 

  1. Look At Your Data

Facebook & Instagram show you page insights to let you know how each post is performing. By seeing what’s working and what’s not is the perfect way to perfect your social media strategy!

  1. Utilize Facebook Groups

This is a perfect way to get a conversation started around your products or services! Finding ones related to your industry can be easy and usually have your target audience already in them!

  1. Giveaways Or Contests

By hosting a giveaway or contest on your page is a great way to have your followers share your content with their friends and family. This is key to getting your page out in front of new potential customers & followers!

  1. Post For Engagement

Next time you make a post, ask your followers a question. Doing so will help your post be seen in front of more of your followers along with boosting your engagement.

  1. Don’t Overcrowd Your Posts With Text

If you’re creating your own graphics, it’s a good idea to keep the text less than 20% of the entire image with your image as the main focus – especially if you’re doing paid advertising. 

  1. Tag Business Partners

If you work with another business, there’s a good chance if you shout them out on your page, they’ll do the same on theirs! What better and easier way to reach a bigger audience!

  1. Schedule Out Content

Rather than rushing to find something to post each day, try scheduling posts out days in advance. This will help on days where you can’t think of anything to post. 

  1. Keep Your Account Updated

Nothing is worse than looking at an account that has outdated content that turns customers away. Make sure all your accounts are up to date and have the right information – it’s like putting your best foot forward. 

  1. Research Competitors

By looking at competitors in your industry you can see how people are responding to them and adjust your social media strategy accordingly. Who knows, they might be onto something? 

  1. Behind The Scenes

People love to see what it’s like behind the scenes. Giving your followers an inside scoop to your day-to-day is a great way to keep them engaged. 

  1. Paid Ads Get Results

One of the cheapest ways to advertise your business is through social media. Investing a little into paid ads can give your business’s social media account the boost it needs! 

  1. Engage With Your Followers

When someone comments on your post, a simple like or comment back goes further than you’d imagine! Taking that extra step to engage back with your users is the perfect way to keep them coming back for more!

  1. Listen To Your Customers

Since they’re the ones using your product or service, their advice and opinion is important! 

  1. Have Fun!

Managing your social media account shouldn’t feel like a chore. Make the best of it by posting things you’d like to see, along with your followers and be confident in your choices!