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Ride A Trike.

Web Design

Web Design is our specialty. Killer, marketable and search engine friendly web design is our pleasure. Don’t settle for your neighbor’s nephew’s former college roommate. This is your business and we'll take it to the next level.

Social Media

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble here but there is more to Social Media than funny cat pictures and seeing how fat people got since high school. There is an extremely large market of new potential customers ripe for the picking.


Okay, let's just agree that you’re not Coke and you probably will never be. That doesn’t mean your brand identity is any less important though. Everything your company says and does is its brand. Let us help create the right message!


From basic website design to custom deep level database development, interactive marketing is that focus that includes the design or development of element(s) that will live on the Internet or on a handheld device.

A Taste of Our Work

What we do is kick ass and make your company money. Because at the end of the day, no matter what services you need from us, that is what you’re coming to us for. Three Ring Focus offers a full spectrum of interactive and traditional marketing services that are fully customized to each business we work with.

Our Clients & Friends

For us, it’s all about establishing trust because it’s our goal to stay and grow in our community – and you can’t do that unless you treat people right. We love what we do. In fact, we’d probably design websites out of cardboard boxes if we didn’t charge for them. But we gotta eat too!

Our Method to the Madness


These pretty pictures don’t just fall from the sky. Our design team maps out their ideas for your project ahead of time.


Our projects are custom, which means so are our designs. Every piece is tailored to your wants and needs.


You’ll know the plan of attack before we begin. Each phase is set, each component is identified and a timeline is determined.


Whether it’s programming or printing, once design is approved it is off to production bringing your ideas to life!


Start practicing your smile and “thank-you” because soon you’ll get sick of hearing how nice your marketing looks.


Measure twice, cut once. Research on our end plays a major role in the design and development of all our projects.


Whatever your project is, we need to talk about it. Every client has different needs and we want to pinpoint yours.

Ranking for Keywords
That Matter.

We were our own first SEO Client, and we couldn’t have been happier with the service we provided. We thought it was time to spread the love. Today, Three Ring Focus runs on word-of-mouth recommendations spread by very happy clients, but back when Three Ring was barely even a big wheel, over 90% of our business was a direct result of our efforts to rank high for strategic keywords. Since then, we’ve made a habit of blowing up our clients’ businesses with results-driven, strategic SEO Know-how. Paid acquisition is gone the moment you stop paying for it.

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